Sunday, 18 September 2011

To prevent nightime ejaculation

During sleep you cannot pull the foreskin back and so the foreskin covers the pee-hole when you get an erection.  If you haven't masturbated for a while, there is the danger of night-time ejaculation.  On ejaculation, the covered peehole causes a blockage of the semen when it ejaculates through with no outlet.  This is very painful and can burst and damage the chambers of the penis/urethra (see discussion below). Which then takes quite a while to repair. So you must try to prevent night-time ejaculation.  Here is how:

1)Have a cold shower before bedtime.  It must be cold as your body gets steadily warmer and so you must disperse this heat.  This will cool the hotness and the horniness.
2)Do not think sexy thoughts before bed.
3)If you wake up in the middle of the night, don't go back to sleep.  So for instance, if you go to bed at say 10pm and wake up at 4am, do not go back to sleep.  From my own experience, I noticed you usually ejaculate on these "second sleeps" rather than the deeper first sleeps.  I'd advise to read a book, watch tv or listen to music.  Avoid earphones as they can damage your hearing and cause tinnitus (a constant ringing).


  1. Replies
    1. You talk total biological rubbish

  2. There is no 'danger' of nighttime ejaculation. You say, it can 'damage the chambers of the penis'. How exactly? This is all very vague and does not fit my own experience at all.
    I'd have to agree with both posters above, this is all bollocks.

  3. Well I am just talking about my own experience - so you are very rude to just dismiss things as bollocks and cowardly/bullying to piggyback on someone else comment and join up with them.

  4. Your ejaculate never gets near the "spongy chambers" of your penis, it flows through a strong tube, the urethra, just as urine does. If the semen can't get out, and there are usually just 5-10ml, it is forced back into the urinary bladder and will come out next time you pee. Please don't write biological nonsense which may frighten others.

  5. I am only going on my own experience. Yes, I am not a medical doctor but it does hurt when you ejaculate and the tip of the penis is blocked so the semen cannot escape. The semen comes through the urethra does it not?

  6. This is horribly dangerous rubbish, shows how dangerous the Internet can be. This person has no biological understanding

  7. I'm mostly asexual (no desire for human body) and I often have nightly erections and ejaculations because of dreams (no sexual content, just sudden overwhelming emotions like fear, craving, love). I always find that my sperm just gets out or remains inside foreskin, but I've never felt any pain or damage whatsoever, even considering that I have tight foreskin (not retractable).

  8. Please stop writing because you have no knowledge about penile biology.