Monday, 29 August 2005

Some evidence (case studies)


Below are postings gathered from the internet from different sources that all indicate that they applied too much pressure in masturbation.  Yes, I know this isn't great evidence but it does help bolster my case a little for those sceptical

From a guy with a massive penis:

Everlasting morning wood:Hey, so "morning wood" often throws my plans into ruin because I use public transport and the size of my penis and giant balls means it's pretty much impossible to hide, especially on a body like mine. I can try to rub one out but often I'm not even all that horny in the morning. Anyone else here struggle with this?

"I started fapping at the age of 13 and have been doing it between 3-10 times per day ever since. With three being the absolute minimum (one in the morning, one during the day and one before bed). So I guess I sound like every other dopamine addicted chronic masturbator, however I have some big problems.

Since I started masturbating I have done so in a very weird style, note that I have never done it normally and don't think I can. I basically lay down flat on my bed, and sort of use my hands to stretch my foreskin and create lots of pressure on my penis bending it in half completely flaccid, yes I fap and ejaculate flaccid a freak of nature right? This technique has caused a serious curve that is classed as Peyronies Disease where my penis curves at a 45 degree angle.

This weird style has also caused my foreskin to stretch so far it hangs off and I had severe phimosis however it is now mild after months of stretching I can finally pull it back with a bit of force. But the excess foreskin is unsightly.

As I said this weird masturbation style never required an erection. I would fap and cum flaccid and even wait for an erection to dissappear before fapping."

Reddit, November 2014

"I have only just read that it is not normal to not be able to retract your foreskin when you are either flaccid or erect and I cant do it with both. Ive read that it could be due to a strange masturbation technique such as 'masturbating through clothes or simply just rubbing the penis under clothes' Ive realised that ive been doing this pretty much everyday since I can remember and Im now 21. If I stop this kind of masturbation will my perpetuial ring widen and allow my glans to emerge? Im reluctant to go to the doctors to tell anyone about it and circumcizion is OUT OF THE QUESTION for me. please help me with advice!"

Yahoo Answers, 2010

"I have never been able to pull my foreskin back - ever - and, silly as it may sound, it only recently came to my attention that this may actually be... well, not the norm. After hearing this, I did a bit of research online to discover that the condition is called 'phimosis'. Honestly, it's very sensitive if I try to retract it and I have some kind of psychological block where the fear of it being painful prevents me from trying too much.

Seems that in some people it can be caused by infection, but there is also a school of thought which suggests that it can also be caused by 'prone' masturbation - another fancy term I was unfamiliar with. Prone masturbation is just a posh way of saying, 'masturbation by lying face down on the bed and humping the mattress'. Ahem.

Anyway, that's the only masturbation technique I've ever practised and never thought anything of it until I read all this a few days ago. There are plenty of debates about the whole thing though, whether or not there actually is a link between one's technique and the development of phimosis. So, that left me all a bit confuzzled. Then, there's another theory which suggests that prone masturbation can lead to sex drive problems in later life - although that conclusion was based on a ridiculously small study sample and isn't widely accepted as fact.

Based on the theory that 'prone' technique causes phimosis, it has been suggested that the condition can be cured if the person stops that technique completely and just does it the 'conventional' way. Which is fine, except that because I'm so used to doing it 'prone' (such a silly term), wanking in the conventional sense doesn't really do it for me. There's a slight arousal, followed by... well, boredom generally. But all of this is based on a theory rather than proven fact, so I'm a bit confused.

Anyway, thanks to the internet I now feel like an insecure and slightly concerned freak. I don't know, does any of this chime with anyone else?"

fmforums, 2011:

Beauge, a French doctor found a link between masturbation practices and phimosis.

I have decided to try and stop masturbating as I have realised it could be the cause of my severe anxiety. I masturbate about 3 or 4 times a school day and on weekends than number has gone into the 20's.
The thing with me is that masturbation for me is extremely easy. For most of my life I have masturbated prone (see for more details) and although it is bad for my penis and probably the cause of my phimosis, I can't help but do it whenever I get the urge, because using this method only takes me a few minutes to climax and then the urge is gone. I timed myself this morning and it took me 4 minutes. I can also masturbate semi regularly but it takes longer. For me, the struggle will be resisting using up 4 minutes to get rid of the urge.
Has anyone been in a similar situation? And any advice? Thanks :)"


"I don't really know how to say this but his dick never gets fully hard. When we have sex he'll struggle to put the condom on but he can still penetrate me but it doesn't really feel good since it feels like it's semi hard... I don't know how to tell him I think there may be something wrong with his dick? He also has phimosis if that could be related to it. He believes that it's normal for boners to be soft and not completely hard and I don't want to hurt his feelings and cause him to feel uncomfortable being naked with me."

"Started wanking at 9, wanked like 3 times day for 6 years (am now 15). I would have like 10 tabs open at a time, death-grip edging for an hour each session (used to be scared of PE & turned disastrous). Eventually gained so much stamina I couldn't have a quick wank, takes 40 minutes at a time (on a good day) which caused me to get very porn by regular porn - got into sissy, transgender and forced-bi porn. (Completely porn induced)."

"The process is sometimes hard, indeed. But in the end it justifies the success ^^ Now, to answer your first question. I had stretching sessions for about 15-20 minutes, yes.
I kept my fingers inside as long as I could without feeling any pain.
When I started to feel a bit of pain I did not let my foreskin go.. instead, I kept it stretched for about 10-15 more seconds and then I let it go. So you could say that I had a few breaks.. maybe like a minute break.. not more than that.

As for the second question.
At the time, I think I masturbated for about 2 times per day.. or once.. I cant really remember.
I do not think it affected my stretching cause I had a really weird way of masturbating which was not pulling the foreskin over my glans ( obviously I could not do that due to my phimosis ).
I kinda like rubbed my glans with a specific part of my palm
which ended in giving me normal masturbating sessions and it did not affect my progress in any way.
The only thing that did affect my progress was normal stretching shown here.

Editor Note:  This just proves my theory is true that the spongy chambers of the penis is damaged.

9. Hello, hope someone can give me some tips, this is my story: I'm uncircumcised, I used to have problems retracting my foreskin so I went to the doctor, he told me i had phimosis and that circumcision would fix it.
Of course I didn't feel like wanting to go through that so I asked for other options, he gave me steroid creams and told me to try to expand it myself.
I did and it kind of worked, I can retract my foreskin fully now (when erect), I still have some pending issues with that, since I have a short frenulum to deal with.
Now my current problem is with balanitis, the first time I got this red spots and inflammation I went to the doctor, he told me it was balanitis, gave me some over the counter cream and within 3 days I was back to normal.
Yet the problem persist, every time I masturbate too much/hard the problem comes back. I do enjoy long masturbation sessions with a lot or rubbing (sometimes even under clothes), but besides getting another opinion I don't know what to do.
Even trying to match the doctor's appointment with the problem is hard, I have it one day and the next one (or two) I'm all fine. So my question is, do you know of any method or process that I can do to minimize this? lotion? a bath before fap, a bath after? with soap, without soap? Any circumcised fellows with similar issue around?

10. When I was about 11 I began masturbating. Instead of the up and down motion, I would rub it like if I was making a clay snake. Fast forward again to about 14, I was watching a porn video and noticed the guy had foreskin, but they did kinda a close-up and he pulled it all the way back and I was like "Wait wut?" and after looking up on Google I finally realized I was supposed to retract my foreskin. Source:

11. I've never been able to orgasm from vaginal stimulation (oral & handjobs too) & can often go for 20+ minutes resulting in me having to finish myself off often causing a lot of problems and self frustration with various partners. I used to masterbate prone until I was 18 then for the last 8 years conventionally (no lube though) and until now was watching porn & masterbating about twice a day. it's as if during intercourse I just don't feel the sensation as I imaging my glans are covered by the foreskin so i just get a sort of warm sensation but not enough stimulation to reach orgasm regardless of position. Source:

12. 23 yo old guy never masturbated, is skinny,  and has huge cock:

 I'm 23 years old, kissless virgin, never been close to a relationship, etc. But unlike the rest of the male population on Earth, I have never masturbated in my entire life.
Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm asexual, I'm actually the opposite. I basically think almost every girl near my age is pretty and constantly look at them, constantly stare at their asses, pop random boners sometimes, all that shit like a teenage going through puberty.
It isn't like I don't ejaculate. I have wet dreams with varying frequency, like from once to a few times a week (just had a massive one a few nights ago) and I even notice myself dreaming about sex, putting my hands down my pants while I'm asleep, wake up with my heart racing and panting and cum everywhere, etc.
I just don't know why I've never masturbated before. I've just never really had the desire to. I've tried jerking off while hard and nothing happened so I just stopped. I never watch porn and even when I have, I just watch it, get hard, even form precum and just do nothing.
I know that this sub is based around this idea that if you don't masturbate, suddenly you'll become an alpha male stud, but it hasn't happened at all to me. I have postulated that I am Low-T (low testosterone) due to my extreme skinniness, lack of muscle and body hair, and horribly depressed and beta attitude, but I've never gotten it tested.
Does maybe someone here relate to this and can give me input to how this happened to them? And if you guys have questions you want to ask feel free to (and I know I don't have any way to prove this whole thing, you'll just have to believe me that someone wouldn't lie about this) Link:

that feel when my cock is huge
that feel when a girl on tinder would never ask me this because I would never match in the first place because of how ugly I am
Feels bad man Link:

13. "

I have cured my phimosis after 5 months which was caused by my use of prone masturbation and I can't seem to find a way of supine masturbation that feels good in any way. I have tried both wet and dry but cannot finish. When I stroke I feel nothing, just the action happening. My glans is still very sensitive but I'm not sure if that's the problem. Is there anything I can do to make my masturbation sessions feel good?"

14: Exercising resulted in bigger penis:


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